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“Do You Need a Spiritual Spring


Just as we can take the time to clean physically....sometimes we to clean spiritually.

Praise the Lord everyone! What is on my heart this month? Well

spring has sprung! And one of the laborious chores that face many of

us is spring cleaning! (in fact my garage seriously needs it) so many

leaves have blown in throughout this windy dry winter...and they don’t

just walk out on their own, I have do the work and sweep them up and

out! Our lives can be like this as well my question and

teaching revolves around this question….“Do You Need a Spiritual

Spring Cleaning?”

Spring cleaning can be more than just a chore, however. It can actually

be exciting if you use the time to start cleaning up something far

greater than your house: your soul. The closer you get to Jesus – the

Light of the world – and the more you invite the Holy Spirit to blow the

fresh air of His love into your life, the more you become aware of how

messy your inner-man has become. Thankfully, there’s no sin too

messy for God to clean up when you follow His divine cleaning plan of

confession, repentance, and reconciliation.

So while you’re spring cleaning your house, invite God to clean your

soul. Here’s how:

Eliminate clutter.

Get rid of distractions that block your intimacy with God. Take an hon-

est look at what might be interfering with making your relationship

with God your top priority. Are you devoting more time and energy to

working, watching TV, shopping, playing on your phone, socializing

with friends, pursuing a hobby, or something else than you’re devoting

to time with God? How much time are you really spending doing ac-

tivities that nurture your connection with God, such as praying; partici-

pating in church; and reading, studying, and meditating on the Bi-

ble? Are frazzled thoughts cluttering your inner life, or are you making

time regularly for quiet reflection, and asking the Holy Spirit to renew

your mind? Eliminate clutter in your schedule and your mind to create

space to focus on what’s truly important.

Scrub away dirt and disinfect.

Cleanse dirty attitudes and behaviors and purify your soul. What kinds

of filthy attitudes are lurking in your soul?

Are you harboring bitterness against people who

have hurt you? Do you entertain judgmental

thoughts about people you don’t like? Are you in-

fected with anger, fear, or selfishness? How do im-

pure behaviors affect your life? Are you struggling

with a bad habit or even an addiction that causes

trouble whenever it rears its ugly head? Pray about

each dirty attitude and behavior, asking God to help

you clean up each specific one. Whenever negative

thoughts enter your mind, purposefully replace

them with positive ones that reflect biblical

truth. Whenever you’re tempted to slide back into a

bad behavior, pray for God to empower you to resist

and overcome temptation.


Suck up everyday annoyances and persistent resent-

ments that will stain your soul if you let them accu-

mulate. Keep short accounts with people rather

than letting issues between you pile up and spill over

into dirty arguments. Ask God to help you learn how

to deal well with difficult people and those whose

personalities differ significantly from yours. When-

ever people offend you in minor ways, be willing to

let the issues go. Whenever people offend you in

major ways, be willing to forgive them and reconcile

if possible. Remember that God expects you to for-

give others since He has forgiven you. Trust Him to

empower you through each step in the forgiveness

process. Do all you can to live at peace with others

and resolve conflicts quickly and wisely.

Dust. Wipe away even the tiny particles of the past

that are hindering you from moving into the future

with confidence. Ask God to show you ways you

need healing from past traumas and losses. Then

patiently work through the healing process as God

leads you, from prayer and journaling to prayer

groups and counseling. Expect that each time you

deal with one layer of dust from your past, you can

see a bit more clearly as you move into the future.


Make your relationships shine by serving others as

God leads you. Be creative about figuring out how

often you can bless others through your words and

actions. Remember that even a brief encouraging

comment or small act of kindness can make a signifi-

cant, positive difference in someone’s life.

Hebrews 3:13 (NKJV) but exhort one another daily,

while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened

through the deceitfulness of sin.

Every day, look for opportunities to encourage or

help the people with whom you come into con-

tact. Be willing to commit to longer-term service

(such as volunteering for special projects, or helping

in offered church ministries) when you sense God

calling you to do so. There is no greater joy I know

then serving the Lord and helping others in the King-



Rearrange your life so you can dream new

dreams. Clear out your own agenda and invite God

to show you His dreams for your life.

Psalm 37:4 (NKJV) Delight yourself also in the Lord,

And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Build your decisions for how to use your resources

(time, energy, talent, money, etc.) around pursuing

those dreams, so you can focus on what’s important

without being sidetracked by what’s urgent. Set spe-

cific and measurable goals to help you move closer

to fulfilling God’s dreams for you. Check your pro-

gress regularly, and make whatever adjustments you

need to make to keep your life organized well. ….“Do

You Need a Spiritual Spring Cleaning?”

Jesus loves you and so do I! ~ Pastor Doug